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iOS, Android

Nicki Minaj: The Empre is a mobile celebrity fantasy/RPG-style game. It was released on both Android and iOS on December 6, 2016.


The game follows the model of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood where the player creates their avatar, meets the game's celebrity, and becomes famous with the help of their new celebrity friend. The player spends energy to complete projects that help them gain fans.


Unlike KKH, Nicki Minaj: The Empire requires the player to write rap lyrics, have their avatar complete a recording session, and then promote their rap via quests. These quests allow the player's rap to gain sales and increase their fame.


Upon opening the game for the first time, the player is given the option of three different play modes: story mode, chat mode, and rap mode. Story mode will lead the player through the quests as a typical celebrity mobile game. Chat mode will drop the player into a chat room with various other people from around the globe. They can hangout and chat, or, if they'd like, head into story mode. In rap mode, players can select a beat and then record their own voice over it. These raps are then posted on the in-game social platform BeatBook where other players can listen to the raps and upvote them.


Players were able to purchase new cribs in the game, but instead of just being places they never return to, a player's crib was a customizable space that doubled as a chat room. Players could purchase furniture and decorate however they liked and then invite friends over to chat.


Nicki Minaj: The Empire was a very fun game to work on, and I believe the players greatly enjoyed playing it.


In particular, I was responsible for developing and writing specs for features, designing and implementing tutorials, some scripting, and assisting in balancing and pricing both clothing and furniture items.


The iOS version of the game can be found here. The Android version is located here.

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