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Party in my Dorm

iOS, Android

Party in my Dorm is a kingdom builder game with a casual college theme. It was originally released on December 22, 2010. 

Players are encouraged to engage in the community by chatting in the campus chat, making in-game friends, and joining in-game clubs. With these clubs, players can complete parties which will reward them in game.

There are new "hunt" events - so called due to the original nature of the content in which players had to "hunt" to find which parties would grant the items they were looking for - every two weeks along with various other content launches regularly throughout each month.


I am responsible for maintaining the cadence of events by planning themes and mechanics for upcoming hunt events. Additionally, I help to implements non-event content at regular intervals and work on designing and launching new spins on content as well as new features. I also actively gather and analyze data to get measurements for the success of new events, content, and features.


The game can be found for iOS here, and the Android version is located here.

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